About Us

Taylored Faith  is comprised of me Kareem, and my younger brother Kwame.  We were raised by our single mother in Queens, New York before she went on to glory with Jesus back in '99. Since I was 4, I have been drawing everything from cars to comic book characters but somewhere during my teenage years I lost my desire for creating art.  Flash forward a half a life time, and I am sitting in my bedroom trying to think of something to draw when my brother calls me.  And God used him to ask me "what are you dong with your art skills?  Why don't you use them to glorify God and design a shirt?"  He said that he had a scripture and that he wanted me to draw whatever came to mind that God gave when after reading it.  The scripture was Phillippians 4:13," I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me."  That was our first scripture for our first shirt "Strong Mind Strong Body", which went on to sell well in Hawaii where I am located, and Florida where my brother is located.

From there we developed a formula to have a scripture plus a illustration on  every one of our shirt.  And that is where we derived our slogan, "Scriptures + Illustrations = Fashion!!! 

  • All we want to do is serve God by spreading the word thru fashion.  We are providing another way for people to express their inner spirituality on the clothing that they wear, without having to compromise fashion for belief.  This way you don't have to wear a shirt with a cross and a skull just because you like the style. And for those who find it hard to minister the word of God, let these shirts and apparel serve as conversation pieces for you to plant a seed.  Our Mom explained to me the differences between quality and quantity.  So we follow that principle by using high quality materials with high end printing processes so that we can honor God with the best. We are serving God with our ministry of Fashion so that he can get all of the glory.